...if love is not madness...

AsIaN fAnSeRvIcE Rx My SoX

i hate school
I got into a big screaming match with my mother this morning. I didnt have any classes until around 12 o'clock because the juniors had state testing for like 3 hours so the seniors and juniors had to go to an assembly for the whole time on the horrors of posting pictures of yourself online and how it will lead to nobody hiring you. I asked her if i could just sleep in because i was so tired. i did not fall asleep until midnight(which isnt unusual for me)... anyway she was so worried about me getting a detention for skipping. They dont even take role, how would they find out? but she wouldnt listen and i didnt want to get up so i left the house without saying anything.
I ended up texting her that i was sorry an hour later because i always feel gulity like if she were to somehow die before i saw her again. I hate it because i never win an argument with her.

im eating kilbasa and pasta. its yummy(wow that was random).

First post
i finally decided to post an entry again. i had an account before but i had to stop it for a while and i lost all my stuff i had on it. :(

Im sure no one will read this because i have the most boring life on the planet, except for my love of japanese and korean entertainment, especially bands.

Im graduating in 2 months and ill finally be done with school forever. yay!


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