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AsIaN fAnSeRvIcE Rx My SoX

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i am so upset and angry. My birthday is this weekend and as a special present my house is losing cable, internet, and phone access. im going to go crazy after a day. i need some entertainment ideas. I think this is gonna be the worst birthday i have ever had. :<

Im still in school while im writing this. I am supposed to be volunteering in the special needs class here this period but there is an old teacher there and she brought other people wih her. I hate when there are people who are not me in the room. Im fine with the regulars but when new people come or people bring other poeple in i feel uncomfortable. Now i am stuck in the library for the next hour-and-a-half with nothing to do but write this boring rant that nobody will read. I really need a life(or a better one).


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